Bgee release 13, including gene expression calls from 17 species

The new version of Bgee has data from 17 species, all annotated using Uberon anatomical structures
Bgee release 13, including gene expression calls from 17 species image

Congratulations to the Bgee team at SIB for producing this monumental release!


From the Bgee blog:

In the 2 years since our last release, we have transferred all our annotations to the bilaterian ontology Uberon (see this paper for the ontology work) and made many other back-end changes which will make Bgee more powerful and better equipped to deal with the increasing diversity of species with RNA-seq data.

As a result of these changes, we can now provide expression calls for 17 species, up from 5 species in the previous release. The new species include model organisms such as C. elegans and chicken, as well as a diversity of tetrapods. For each species, we have developed a developmental ontology ( ontologies on Google Code ; developmental stage modeling collaboration on Github ). As before, Present/Absent expression calls are a consensus of information from in situ hybridizations, microarrays, RNA-seq and ESTs, depending on the data available for each species.

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December 22, 2014 |

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