Contact us

You can email the Uberon developers directly at:

  • Chris Mungall - cjmungall AT lbl DOT gov
  • Melissa Haendel - haendel AT ohsu DOT edu

Whilst we welcome any and all email, we strongly encourage community participation through our github issue tracker or our community mailing list (see below).

You can also find us on twitter, @uberanat.

Mailing List

The obo-anatomy mail list is a community listserve for all anatomical ontologies

GitHub Tracker

Our preferred way of receiving requests for new terms, changes to the ontology or questions is by creating a new issue using our issue tracker:

Note that interaction through the tracker requires that you sign up for an account on github - this does not take long, and you may find this useful later on anyway, as more and more scientists are using github for managing their projects and data.

We welcome any kinds of input on the tracker; if you are having issues with either the content of the ontology, or the technical aspects of the download files, don’t hesitate to use the tracker.

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